🎉Happy New Year🎉

Hi everyone,

I know we are well into the New Year but I would still like to say a Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you to everyone who makes the time to read my posts.

It is 2020, I cannot believe it😲 . As a child I always thought this year was so farrr and I wouldn’t even see it, because the end would have come due to all I heard growing up.

However, I am grateful to be part of the living to experience this new decade and the vast opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead.

Fear, second-guessing what God has already said, procrastination is not an excuse. I pray that everyone will be all that they have been called to be. #NO EXCUSES.

We will run our own race, stay in our lane, we will root and celebrate others, but we will not wish for what they have because we are all unique with different assignments.

Let this year be a different one. Don’t put old wine in new wine skins, our mindsets have to change. If you were doing things that weren’t yielding results, sit back, ask questions and change your approach. This year must be better than other years.

Wishing everyone a prosperous year.

Thanks for stopping by.


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