Chelsea in Bloom💐

There’s something about plants that strike me, specially flowering ones. I love flowers, the different colors, shapes and sizes, they serve as a great inspiration to me. I sometimes lose myself staring at them and think of how great and amazing God is. He’s the best Colorist, Creator and Designer . I’m awed when I see the combination of colors and shades of blooms.

Nature is so inspiring and breathtaking. Always a sight to behold. It shows the creativity of God and hence the creativity that lies within us. Since we are made in His image and likeness.

I had no excuse to miss Chelsea in Bloom when I heard about it. It is the annual floral art show in Chelsea, London, which took place last week from the 20-25th of May, 2019. The theme was, Under the Sea, hence over 70 participants which included retail shops, restaurants and hotels that took part in this years’ show had adorned the front of their business spaces with floral installations inspired by the theme. All with the hope of being adjudged the best.

It was amazing seeing the thought, the participants had put into their work to create masterpieces . It was a gush of beauty, color and creativity.

Enjoy the sights my lens captured.

This sticker was displayed by all participants to show their participation in the show.
Rag & Bone
Peter Jones
Space NK Apothecary
& Other Stories
Nike Women
Kings of Chelsea

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