London Craft Week

London Craft Week was upon us again and there were lots of activities around London to mark this event. This took place from the 8th to the 12th of May, 2019. Activities spanned from basket making to engraving to millinery to perfume making to wallpaper making and so much more.

I had planned to go to a few of the events, however, I have decided in this New Season of mine to do things of importance and relevance. As a budding milliner I went to one of the events on millinery, Unveiled – The Craft of Millinery, because I need to expose myself and learn more of this this craft.

It was a beautiful exhibition curated by Rachel Trevor-Morgan, Edwina Ibbotson and Noel Stewart. It showcased pieces with diverse designs and techniques from 14 British milliners. There were live demonstrations, talks and workshops happening at different times. I was hoping to take part in one of the workshops, called Artist and Milliner, Compare and Contrast by Bridget Bailey (Artist) and Edwina Ibbotson (Milliner), however tickets were sold out 😞. But all in all, it was a lovely event and a wonderful experience, busting with creativity and I’m glad to have been there.

Enjoy some scenes from the exhibition.

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