Sagrada Familia

A week ago, we (my mum and I) were exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. Before the trip I had my doubts and questions, as I had read posts of peoples experiences of racism.

In my head, I was asking what will people say, what will be their reaction of me. As I am a dark-skinned African with short nappy hair. Many thoughts were racing through my head. But I prayed before and everyday of the trip that God should grant us favour and that we wouldn’t experience what others had experienced. God being true to His word honoured my prayers.

However, I did actually have two trivial experiences, but they weren’t from the people of the land, but from Chinese shop owners. In the first shop, the shop keeper asked us not to enter because we weren’t Spanish, I just opened my eyes and asked him why? but he just couldn’t speak English.

The second instance was with a Chinese old woman in a haberdashery, I was so excited looking around. Me being in a haberdashery/crafts shop can be likened to a child in a sweet shop. Was looking at some items at the counter where the shop keeper was, where she was saying something that I didn’t understand, as it was in Spanish. I thought she was talking about my trousers as she was looking down. I later realised she was actually trying to search my shopping bag. I went livid and told her off, but forgave her and told myself I wasn’t going to let it affect my trip. We bought what we needed and left the shop.

All in all it was an amazing trip. The people were lovelier than I expected, we even made friends with an elderly woman who we met on our bus tour.

There are a few things I would personally recommend about visiting Barcelona.

  • Don’t always rely on the weather forecast. We packed our things according to what was forecasted which ranged from 16° to 18°. So we packed summer clothes. But it was a bit cold and windy. I remember my mum wore a pair of slippers and the people kept looking at her feet. I couldn’t stop laughing (I’m sure they were thinking, ‘is everything okayyy’😂. I recommend you always pack a scarf or a cardigan when you are going away.
  • Do a bus tour of Barcelona. We bought a two day adult pass for the Barcelona Bus Turistic which was €30 for a day and €40 for two days which I think was a bargain. The tour is absolutely worth it, it has different routes, the red, blue and green, however the green route doesn’t operate until the 12/04/2019 to 03/11/2019.
Barcelona Bus Turistic Map

You get to see all the picturesque and panoramic views of the city, You have the chance to hop on and off the bus from 9:00am till 7:00pm visiting all the exciting places that Barcelona has to offer, especially the beautiful works of Gaudi (an amazing architect) which include Sagrada Familia which is a breath-taking site, Park Güell,
Casa Batlló, Barri Gòtic, etc ; Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya(MNAC), FC Barcelona for the football fans and many more sites.

  • I would recommend you have a balanced number of days for the trip, not too short (under or up to two nights) or too long (over four nights). We were there for two nights and we didn’t think we had enough. I would advice you do at least three to four nights. Keep it balanced and sweet.
  • Make sure you get a few souvenirs.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1213-1-e1553968042492.jpg
Souvenirs I bought.

I always get magnets and key rings on every trip I take, its not enough to have the memories and pictures, you need to have something tangible from the places you visit. As these can also serve as gifts for family and friends.

Barcelona is a lovely city, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though we were just there for a few days. It has amazing architecture and interesting history, I would suggest to anyone, who can, to take a trip to Barcelona to see these amazing buildings and historical sites.

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