Love is in the air II.

Hello everyone,

Hope we’re all well and having a good week. This is a follow up post from, ‘Love is in the air’. I decided to write a letter to myself and have a treat. I made sure to accomplish both.

When pen was put to paper.

It took me a while to write the letter to self. I had to think deep and pull out attributes that I forgot were embedded in me, but as I began to write it started to flow and after, I felt light. It was a great feeling, it is sometimes easy to forget the goodness of God in our life and also the great skills that lay dormant in us, waiting to be tapped into. I would advice everyone to do the same if you can.

I heard of a place in Belgravia, London called Peggy Porschen, which I have been meaning to visit. I decided this would be the place for me to have a treat. I arrived there, a bit after six (I need to go there again), there was no seating available as the place was packed. I had to wait for people to leave as I wanted to sit inside. I was notified when a table became available. I went and sat down and made my order. The interior was beautiful with pretty floral arrangements , I must say, it is a place most girls dream to go, a pretty pink sweet shop. Everywhere you turned had something pretty to see. I made my order of a cookies and cream cupcake with a pot of floral rose which is a herbal infusion of rosehip, rose petals, linden blossoms and lavender (soothing I would say).The cupcake was amazing, I really enjoyed it. It was a lovely experience.

Enjoy some of the pictures I took (sorry some are a bit dark).

In fairly good lighting but still trying to be a model 😀

Thanks for stopping by,

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