Love is in the air.

Yayyyyy!!!!!!! I’ve finally made my first post, it’s been way overdue. I feel like its my first day of school.

What other day to do this than Valentines Day, I guess this is my Valentines Day gift to myself 😃.

In the past weeks, I’ve had several people ask, ‘what are you doing for Valentines Day.’ I guess this is the answer they need to hear.

Most often I just smile or I tell them I’m going to treat myself. But do I really just have to treat myself on Valentines Day. I think it has to be a lifestyle and not just a one day affair.

As I believe self-love is vital to personal growth and the fulfilment of God’s given vision for an individual. Because self-love brings about self-discipline, I’m not talking of being hard on yourself as most often than not we are. As this is mainly the case because, we are the only ones who truly know ourselves; our flaws, shortcomings,… and this hinders us from celebrating ourselves and being who God has called us to be. I’m talking of self-discipline in terms of not doing things for the sake of doing them or trying to please people but, doing things that add value to your life.

1 Corinthians 13:4 (NIV) states that,  love is patient,  love is kind.  It does not  envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. I believe we have to be all these things to ourselves, as we tend to be impatient and unkind to ourselves. This usually breeds from comparing our lives to others. We have to learn, understand and appreciate that everyone’s journey and purpose in life is different and that we are all unique.

I pray that this day will be a reminder to us, to love ourselves much more than we do, this can only be done consciously. It’s in loving ourselves that we’re able to love others.

I will be doing that by:

Writing a letter to Myself

It might sound a bit weird but I’m going to write a letter celebrating myself, I stumbled on this idea a few days ago on @reneeq live video. I thought to myself, that’s a good idea because I’m sometimes hard on myself, but I need to remind myself that, I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.


Going out later to give myself a treat. Stay tuned as I make a follow up post on where I went.

Have a lovely day.

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